Changes to Our Delivery Schedule

Hi there!  


We wanted to let you know that we will be making some changes to our delivery schedule in the next two weeks. These changes won't have much of an impact on most of you, but we wanted to give you plenty of time for your future meal planning!

What's the delivery schedule change?
Beginning Sunday, May 17th, all meals for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday will be delivered on Sundays. (i.e. You will receive 3 days of meals during your normal Sunday delivery). All meals for Thursday & Friday will be delivered on Wednesdays moving forward. 

When will we see this change on your website?
All orders placed on our website through this Friday, May 8th will be delivered on a normal schedule next week: Monday & Tuesday meals will be delivered on Sunday, May 10th and Wednesday-Friday meals will be delivered on Tuesday, May 12th. 
All orders placed on Saturday, May 9th & after will be delivered with our new schedule that starts the week of May 17th.

Are you changing Meal Plan options?
Yes, we're making a few adjustments to some of our current meal plan options!
3-day plans: All of our 3-day plans will now be delivered on Sundays with meals for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Our 3-day plans will be changed on our website to MTW on our Orders Page.
4-day plans: We will start offering two different 4-day plan options. Monday - Thursday (M-Th) & Tuesday - Friday (T-F).  
5-day plans: Will remain the same but will be delivered according to our new delivery schedule!

How does this impact my subscription plan?
We will take care of adjusting all subscription plan orders on our end! We will reach out to each Subscription Plan client individually next week to notify you of the adjustment and modify your account as needed. Additionally, we will be adjusting our Subscription order processing date to Thursdays beginning Thursday, May 14th. If  you need to make changes to the following week's schedule, you'll want to adjust online or email us to make changes by Wednesday evenings so you're charged correctly Thursday morning. As always, if last minute changes arise you can email us and we'll always do our best to accommodate! These changes will allow us to better forecast meal preparation as we navigate new supply chain landscapes due to COVID-19.  

What about my custom order?
We are typically able to accomodate most custom orders - just send us an email & we'll work with you directly!

Why are you making these changes?
Thanks to the support of our incredible community, we are growing & need to make adjustments in order to best serve you! This delivery change will allow us to streamline our processes better, lower our impact on the environment & allow us to maintain the highest quality standards.

I still have questions about this change. 
We understand that this delivery change may have an impact on your current meal plan schedule - please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns about your meal plans! You can reply to this email or email us directly at anytime!

Thank you for your support!

The Kerala Co Team